Guadalajara Citizens Build Bus Stop Where City Fails to Provide Service

In Guadalajara, citizens continue doing the work of the government. In the past, they’ve painted bike lanes; now they’ve built and have put up bus stops that provide seating and shade for public transportation users.

City officials have unfortunately taken it down. Nevertheless, it’s another example of Mexican ingenuity and solidarity. Read more at Animal Político, and for more information on this project, follow TuParabus on Twitter.


It occurred to me, after reading this excellent post on women in fiction and the Bechdel Test, that perhaps you could construct one to address issues of POC and race. The analog seemed obvious, so I just wrote it out.

1. It has to have two POC in it.
2. Who talk to each other.
3. About something other than a white person.

Now, you see the obvious issue there, right? Yeah, it has to do with number one. Even in stories that feature prominent POC characters, it is so rare to find more than one present, let alone who know each other well enough to talk to each other…

Alaya Dawn Johnson on The Bechdel Test and Race in Popular Fiction (via wocinsolidarity)

We can think of so many different versions of the Bechdel test; for QUILTBAG+ people, disabled people, there’s so much representation that we need.

(via fuckyeahsexeducation)